Blog #4 Food for Thought

So, I am about to get real deep here. When asked which historical figure, alive or dead, I would like to have dinner with, the first person that came to mind was definitely not a positive figure. All through high school I jumped at any chance to take a history course. When I got to university, I was a Psychology major and a Sociology minor. However, I discovered I hated sociology and wanted to take history. So for four years I took as many history classes for fun as I could. (I know that’s weird believe me). Having these two subjects as my favourite, led me to become fascinated with Adolf Hitler. Obviously what he did was absolutely horrific, but from a psychology standpoint he intrigues me.

Question #1: What is your biggest regret?

Because I love psychology, the answer to this question would really answer so many more questions for me without having to ask them. I have a feeling I know what his answer would be (I don’t want to assume though because we all know what assuming does).

Question #2: Who was the biggest influence in your life?

Many people don’t know all of the different aspects bringing Hitler to do what he did. I however do. I know that his father was a big reason he became the person he was, and that he adored his mother. He met many people along his rise to power, so I think it would be really interesting to find out who he really looked up to.

Question #3: Did at any point, you realize or think that everything you were doing was completely wrong?

I would get deep and stick it to him. Like I said, I know a lot of people may see this as a horrible person to interview, and out there questions to ask, but like I said psychology is my life.

Blog #3 Wiki-Flocka-Flame

For me, I use Wikipedia almost on the daily. Whenever I have anything to do in relation to school, I wouldn’t choose Wikipedia because I have always been told that it is not a credible, academic source. I would be most likely to choose a different source when I am writing anything academically.

All through high school and university, it was always frowned upon to use Wikipedia as a source for any essay. We had this whole library, and online academic journals to choose from so I never felt the need to use Wikipedia as a source. I don’t think anyone should use Wikipedia as a credible source because anyone can post to it.

Wikipedia has another side of it that you can use to look up show titles and synopsis’. I spend a lot of my time binge watching Netflix. Even though I have already seen EVERY episode of ‘Greys Anatomy’, I am currently watching it through for the fourth time. Had to refresh my memory before the mid-season premiere this Thursday! I tend to use to to refresh my memory, and prepare myself for any trauma coming up in the episode.

I use Wikipedia mainly to find out celebrity birthdays. I have a strange fascination with knowing everyones birthdays. I also use it when I want to find out the dirt on celebrities. It helped me immensely when one day my boss and I were trying to find out how old Hugh Hefner was and how many wives (and their ages) he has had. Fun fact, the age difference between him and his current wife is longer than either of my parents have been on this earth. My dad is 53…


Blog #2 Shitty First Drafts

Every time I sit down to begin writing an assignment or even just writing for fun, I sit there with a blank stare on my face. I NEVER know where to begin, and even if I do, I get lost in the body or the conclusion.

‘Shitty First Drafts’ was great to read. It let me know that even professionals, people who write daily for a living start with a shitty first draft. That first draft almost allows a writer to just get all the crap out of the way. I often never know where to being, and with that my first draft is, well… shitty.

They always say that you have to start somewhere, and in the case of writing it really is true. Anytime I have to write anything, I get incredibly anxious. It almost makes me start to twitch, and I am unable to sit still. Realistically this is me on any given day, but when it comes to having to write for school, work or fun it gets worse. I just never know where to begin!

I guess I just really enjoyed reading ‘Shitty First Drafts’ because it made me feel so much better, that I am not alone and that even the best of writers struggle too. It helps to know that my writing can only get better. That first draft helps to get the errors out of the way and the terrible writing, really. Getting that shitty draft out of the way helps me (any anyone) to better my writing.

Blog #1 What’s a blog?

I may be almost 23, but I am like a 90 year old. Blogging is like a whole new universe to me. I am a very old school, pen to paper, go to Chapters and buy a paperback book kind of person. So when I say ‘What’s a blog?’, I really mean what the hell is a blog?!? (It is 2017 now, so I did indeed learn what a blog is).

For me, I think blogging is a great way for anyone to become a better writer. It helps your ‘creative juices’ flow. For a lot of people, myself included, writing has always consisted of formal writing for essays in school. I have never really had the chance to just write for the hell of it since high school.

Blogging is a way to test yourself as a writer. Everyone is a writer in some way or another. Just because we aren’t making millions off of blog’s doesn’t mean we aren’t writers. For me, I see blogging as a way to test the waters and see what writing styles you do and do not like or connect with.

To me, the best part about blogging is that is basically a personal journal. Not everyone likes to put paper to pen and write in a journal. Blogging allows anybody, anywhere in the world to just spill everything that is going on in their head. It is a way to just let everything out. One of the most important things in my opinion, is to let your thoughts and feelings out.

Right now I am thinking, MAN I WANT A PIZZA…but off I go to work.